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Let’s Understand What Is “Pre-diabetes” On World Diabetes Day

Mumbai: 14th November is widely celebrated as “Diabetes day”. Why this day is so popular in India because every 3 people out of 4 are diabetic. So this day is naturally celebrated to create awareness.

First, let’s understand what is Diabetes?

It is a condition that affects the way the body process blood sugar. A condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin at all. Insulin is an anabolic hormone which is responsible for the absorption of glucose from the blood into liver, fat, muscle and cells.

So if the hormone insulin is not working fine, the glucose in your blood will remain high as it is not being utilised by the body. This is the reason why there is high sugar.

Now in the very first place as a clinical dietitian, I always want my patients to understand what actually is happening with their body.

Now let’s talk about Pre-diabetes.

Before Diabetes there is a stage where we can delay the onset of this lifestyle disorder if it is recognised on time.

Pre-diabetes is a stage where your sugars are higher than the normal but not that much high to be diagnosed as “Diabetes”

How to recognise this stage?

This stage will not give you any symptoms as it gives in Diabetes. So if you have a strong history of diabetes. Both parents are diabetic, siblings are diabetic then you should definitely check your HBA1C level.

It is a blood test which can help you out.

  • If the range is below 5.7
  • You are non-diabetic.
  • If the range is 5.7% – 6.4% 
  • You are a PRE-DIABETIC
  • If the range is above 6.5%
  • You are a diabetic

If your HBA1C indicates Pre-diabetes, your doctor or dietitian will not suggest you medicines but definitely will ask you to improve Lifestyle.

Lifestyle modification in such cases will delay the onset of diabetes in the long run.

It will include

  • Weight management
  • Complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates
  • Stress management
  • Physical activity of 60 mins daily

If you are identified as a PRE-DIABETIC consult your doctor or a dietitian to have a detailed insight about it. Maintain your blood sugars to maintain sweetness in your life.

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