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Life Coach Satyarthi Prateek All Set To Launch Tantra Nectar Touch Academy

Mumbai: Satyarthi Prateek, the renowned life coach and the founder of Tantra Nectar has officially declared the launch of Tantra Nectar Touch Academy in Mumbai and Moscow. The aspiration of this life coaching institute is balancing the basic human instincts and help them to experience the eternity of super-consciousness at a glance. After a huge response from followers across the globe, Tantra Nectar is now going to put its best foot forward by setting up tantra massage centres in Versova,  Mumbai and in Moscow.

These centres will provide different healing tantra massages and healing lessons that includes but not limited to Ancient Kashmiri, Inner Alchemy, Taoist Tantra, Reiki, Pranic Healing techniques.

Story of Satyarthi Prateek: The Journey of Spreading Love

A charming young man suddenly reads out a spiritual article and the event completely changed his world. Osho, the great spiritual speaker, wrote the article and the man who devoted his life for the sake of spiritualism was Satyarthi.

 Today, he has successfully managed to drag people from wrong directions by teaching them the key of life-that is enlightenment and one can achieve it by practising different Forms of tantra. “Tantra teaches you deep meditation techniques, which gives you the freedom to explore every aspect of life. If you choose the Tantra Path, it will bring you strength, clarity and bliss in your everyday life.”, says Satyarthi.

After realizing his passion for healing, meditation and massage, Satyarthi dedicatedly started learning several bodyworks, healing and tantra massage procedures professionally under the supervision of renowned masters. He has been a part of several Tantra groups Vipassana programs as well as meditation therapies. After long research, learning and teaching, Satyarthi has recognized that the path that leads to divine awareness is the path of Tantra. Today, he is a Spiritual speaker, bodyworker and healer.

Tantra- The way of Transforming Venom into the Immortal Nectar

In this busy and globalized life of the 21st century, most of us have been managed to secure the basic priorities of life along with fame and wealth. The only thing that is still far from our reach is peace. In the rat race of life, we’ve lost the most precious ingredient of a happy and enjoyable life, that is a beautiful internal bonding between our beloved ones.

Sometimes, this leaves us in the darkness of loneliness and depression. The rejuvenator, Satyrthi Prateek has come up with a great solution of this terrifying problem-healing yourself with the soothing touch of Tantra.

Satyarthi believes that the healing capacity of Tantra carries five thousand years of history, that has been mentioned in our ancient scripts like Veda and Upanishads. Bringing back this practice in modern life has turned next to essential since we all are gradually losing out the main essence of our life. This is not a new or strange fact that almost every one of us faces a feeling of depression or suffers from anxiety disorders because of the stressed lifestyle and excessive pressure of earning a lot to match with the social and economic standard of the society. The right practice of tantra can help us to leave these things far back and live a stress-free, enjoyable life.

The tantra touch massage is actually the process of harmonizing your body and mind and give you the ever desired relaxation by taking you to the beautiful phrase of super consciousness. The ideal journey of duality towards non-duality is the best definition of Tantra. A robust combination of different mudra, mantra, pranayama, chakra and bandha is Tantra- the super powerful practice that can transform the venom of life in form of sorrow, stress and more into the nectar of happiness and optimistic approach towards life. The Tantra Nectar Touch Academy by Sathyarthi is a great option for those who are in search of a stress-free, joyous life. You can definitely join them to experience the change.

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