“Local Authorites To Take Decison Over Lifting Restriction In Valley,” MHA Officials

Mumbai: Decision on easing restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir will be taken by local authorities and not by the Centre, as reported by a top home ministry official on Tuesday.

“The choice is between the inconvenience of restrictions and loss of lives. Our concern is to ensure the safety of citizens in Kashmir,” the official reportedly said.

“After the killing of Burhan Wani in 2016, so many people lost their lives due to relentless protest. Then restrictions were imposed which continued for months. This time we have taken preventive steps to minimise violence and loss of lives,” a leading portal quoted a home ministry official as saying.

On being asked when the restrictions will be lifted completely, the official said, “These decisions are not taken by Centre. They are taken at local and district levels. The situation varies from place to place depending on the assessment by the district administration. Till now, they (J&K administration) have done well. So the trade-off is between inconvenience and loss of life.”

He was disappointed over the way things are being reported by the media. “Why use bombastic language like clampdown, lockdown? Hurriyat used to lock down the city of Srinagar often, it got sympathy,” the official stated.

He added, “The administration is taking great pains to ensure life is eased even during restrictions. We must not just look at the inconvenience caused by restrictions but also the situation in its totality.”

Addressing a press, J&K Principal Secretary Rohit Kansal had said,” We are following an overall policy of relaxation and easing out. Prohibitory conditions have been further relaxed in parts of Kashmir, while Jammu is almost entirely free of restrictions.”

“The restrictions will be further relaxed after full dress rehearsals for Independence Day in all districts,” he added.

Since the imposed restrictions in the Kashmir, the valley has been witnessing both silence and protests from the residents. A mass shooting by the army officials has been reported.

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