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Maharashtra Assembly Election: PM Narendra Modi Attacks Congress-NCP

Mumbai: Ahead of Maharashtra Election PM Narendra Modi addresses rally in the state on Sunday, meanwhile he targeted Congress-NCP alliance over recent decision on article 370.

Speaking at an election rally in Jalgaon, the Prime Minister said that some political leaders and their parties are only trying to politicize their government’s decision to repeal Article 370, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir and The two union territories formed a bifurcated state.

“Unfortunately, I have to say that some political parties in our country, some politicians, are busy doing politics on this decision taken in the national interest. And these political parties are coming here in Maharashtra to seek your votes, ”said PM Modi.

“You can see the statements made by the leaders of Congress and NCP in the last few months, see the meetings of their leaders. He said that his thinking about Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is contrary to the country.

Attacking those who criticized the Kashmir move, PM Modi asked, “Can these leaders, who are trying to fool people with their crocodile tears, bring back Section 370 in Kashmir?” Will the people of India allow them? Will the people of India accept this? ”

Highlighting the development made by Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis PM Narendra Modi said, “I promised you that if given a chance, I will give you a stable, clean, caring and empowered government which will lead everyone on the path of progress. We have proved all these features during the last five years of the rule of CM Devendra Fadnavis.

Further praising the Fadnavis government, PM Modi said that the Chief Minister has taken Maharashtra on the path of progress during his tenure, adding that there has been no development in every department and area in the last five years.

The BJP is contesting elections in Maharashtra on October 21 against the Congress-NCP alliance in alliance with the Shiv Sena.

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