Maharashtra: QR Code Must For Essential Workers To Board Local Trains

Mumbai: Following the outbreak of COVID19, the Government of Maharashtra has issued a new order enabling all essential category employees to travel by local trains in Mumbai to be able to travel by QR code-based e-pass.

“An electronic QR-based e-pass with a valid railway ticket is mandatory to travel to local suburban services from July 30 onwards. This ensures nobody barring from essential services travels in local trains. Also ensures proper social distancing for cops screening the people entering,” the state government said in a circular.

A list of employees allowed by the organization will be prepared by HR and submitted to the Mumbai Police Commissioner Office. A nodal officer will be in charge of the pass and authorize them. A link to download the QR-based e-pass will be sent via SMS to the employee’s phone with the password.

It has taken a month for the state government and the railways to set up the QR code system as train services resumed on 15 June.

At the stations’ entrances, as soon as ID cards will be scanned, QR codes will throw photos of the necessary workers to whom they have been issued, allowing security personnel and ticketing staff to be easily verified.

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