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Man Gets ₹9,999 Crore In His Bank Account In UP Due To Technical Glitch

Mumbai: In a bizarre incident in Bhadohi district, Uttar Pradesh, a man was left bewildered after discovering an astonishing balance of Rs 9,900 crore in his bank account, all due to a software malfunction.

Bhanu Prakash, upon checking his account at Baroda UP Bank, was taken aback to see the balance reflecting as Rs 99,99,94,95,999.99 (Rs 99.99 billion). Acting promptly, he informed the bank authorities about the startling discrepancy.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that Bhanu Prakash’s account was actually a Kisan Credit Card (KCC) loan account that had unfortunately turned into a Non-Performing Asset (NPA). Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the bank swiftly initiated corrective measures.

Rohit Gautam, the branch manager of the bank, clarified that the erroneous display of the colossal sum was a result of a software glitch triggered by the account’s NPA status. Immediate action was taken to rectify the error, and the account was promptly put on hold to prevent any potential misuse.

Gautam elaborated on the bank’s protocol for addressing such discrepancies, stating that specific limits are imposed on linked savings accounts for those classified as NPAs. This may necessitate freezing the account to forestall further complications. Upon reviewing his account, Bhanu Prakash found a negative balance due to these NPA restrictions. However, the bank ensured that he was fully informed about the situation, and he expressed satisfaction with the corrective measures undertaken.

The incident highlights the importance of vigilant oversight in banking systems and the swift response of financial institutions to rectify technical glitches to maintain the integrity of customer accounts.

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