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Meet Ivanilson Machado A Motivational Speaker

Ivanilson Machado is an Angolan High Management Leader, Motivational Speaker and Digital Effector. Currently, since March 2016, he is working in Maputo Mozambique as CEO of Puma Energy. Machado had also worked in Trafigura as before 2009.

While on management positions from 2009, he joined the Trafigura group in Angola and then moved to Puma Energy in Angola.

He participated in INSEAD Paris and HEC Paris for additional specialized courses in management and leadership.

In 2016, he was selected for the ranking of a hundred African leaders of less than forty years, which was prepared by the French Institute, CHOISEUL.

In 2017, he was once selected to be a part of the ranking of 100. In 2018, he was finally given the place in the top 20 because he has now turned 40 in 2019.

Ivanilson took a degree in diplomacy and political science from the UAL (Autonomous University of Lisbon).

Recently he has been nominated for the MIPAD (United Nations Most Effective People of African descent). Ranking 40 in the top 100 in the global rankings is in the category of business and entrepreneurship inside Africa. And due to the global ranking of the United Nations, Forbes has come out in the list.

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