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Meet Nikhil Singh Sumal, The Young Man And Mind Behind The Exponential Rise Of People And Businesses In The Digital World

He is a teenage entrepreneur; social media expert and stock market analyst whose astute business skills and passion have earned him great name and fame

Isn’t it always great to hear and learn about all those individuals across business industries and sectors that believe in pushing the envelope and doing something different in their chosen industries? Well, the world is filled with such talents; however, only a few rare gems go ahead in making it huge by offering value to people with the work they do. The digital space is where we might have heard about many young professionals doing great, but teenage entrepreneurs going ahead even the established names of the industry is not an everyday story. We came across one such teenager, who has made it huge as a successful entrepreneur at only 19 years of age; he is Nikhil Singh Sumal.

From the very beginning, if anything, that attracted Nikhil Sumal’s attention the most; it was the idea to get into the world of business and create his unique niche. As he saw the constant boom in the digital space, especially the social media platforms, he knew what he wanted to do. At 19 years, Nikhil Sumal has gone ahead in totally astonishing people with his talents as a social media expert and now also a stock market analyst, artist manager, digital marketing assistant, influencer and entrepreneur. Phew! That’s a lot of things for a teenager, but well, Nikhil Sumal has aced the game in whatever he has chosen to do in life.


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Finding out various digital strategies, creating newer ones, working with the trends of the industry and working upon many other digital marketing methods have helped Nikhil Sumal to turn brands and businesses into successful names. There is a reason why he is also known as a marketing wizard, as he has so far helped over 300 brands to grow from across around 26 countries. His digital skills, intelligence and astute business acumen have helped him turn his clients famous on social media, which has now become the need of the hour, looking at how the pandemic has forced businesses to either sustain or grow through these mediums.

Becoming this influential at only 19 years in itself is a huge feat to achieve and with that, we can imagine the feats he is yet to achieve in the upcoming years. Find out more about him through Instagram @nkhlmusic.

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