Mehbooba Raising Communal Frenzy For Petty Political Gains: BJP

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Mumbai: Responding to Mehbooba Mufti’s remarks on the economy, Jammu and Kashmir BJP chief spokesperson Sunil Sethi said that she was raising communal frenzy for petty political gains and to provoke people.

Hitting out at the central government, the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister said the economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka should serve as a warning to India.

“What happened in Sri Lanka should serve as a wake-up call. Since 2014, India is being whipped into a communal frenzy & imagined fears. It is treading the same path of hyper-nationalism & religious majoritarianism. All at the cost of disrupting social cohesion & economic security,” Mehbooba tweeted.

Responding to his remarks, Jammu and Kashmir BJP chief spokesperson Sunil Sethi said, “Mufti’s tweets point to India’s growth as a world leader and his dismay at the disastrous situation prevailing in Pakistan, whose economy is in shambles. Being frustrated because of pathetic conditions in Pakistan, she is venting her anger towards India.” He said such statements are being made to provoke public sentiment.

“Other recent tweets of Mufti indicate her bent of mind in raising communal frenzy for petty political gains,” Sethi said.

He said that India is a strong economy and has taken care of its people during the COVID pandemic which has been appreciated by the world.

“There is no place for this kind of political blackmailing in the new India, which unfortunately was tolerated and accepted during the Congress rule at the Centre,” the BJP leader said.

“Gone are the days when such elements like Yasin Malik had easy access to even the prime minister of the country despite being involved in the genocide of Kashmiri pandits and targeted killings of security personnel. Mufti should have learnt a lesson from this,” Sethi said.

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