MetroMedi Launches Health Advisory Services with AI and Data Analytics

Follow us on google News the fastest growing Online Pharmacy, e-Health & Wellness store based out of South India (Hyderabad), have launched Health Advisory Services for their Customers Health and Well-being to reduce the usage of medicines with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Data analytics in healthcare can be applied to every aspect of patient care and operations management. It helps to improving the provision of clinical care, enhancing disease prevention, and measuring the effectiveness of various treatment options.

Integrating AI into the healthcare ecosystem allows for a multitude of benefits, including automating tasks and analysing big patient data sets to deliver better healthcare faster and also giving incredible insight into understanding quality, improving methods, and better results for patients.

As a part of this Health Advisory Services, MetroMedi Health Advisory Expert Team will observe their customers previous Orders history and suggest the health tips and diet plan which may help to reduce the usage of medicines. If they need any further information or for any Health Assistance/Problems also, Metromedi Health Advisory Team arranges Online Doctor Consultation or Online Counselling which ever is needed to the customers,” says Vaddi Satyanarayana – Chief Growth Officer –

On their Customers’ request, MetroMedi had already launched “MetroMedi Relief“, which helps with online consultations on mental health issues and sexual wellness problems.

In present times, online mental health counselling has become something that people turn to when life’s challenges become emotionally overwhelming. Mental health counselling is also very helpful in understanding one’s own emotions and strengths. Online mental health counselling is provided by qualified, well-trained and experienced mental health experts.

Our team of online counsellors, sexologist, psychologist, trained therapists and Psychotherapist in MetroMedi Relief helps customers select the best medication for their specific needs. We believe that everyone deserves access to personalized, non-judgmental mental health care. Improving access to high-quality mental health care for health plans. Our coordinated care model enables us to provide integrative, comprehensive care for our patients, which leads to significant improvement in clinical outcomes, says Vaddi Satyanarayana – Chief Growth Officer –

We at are revolutionizing Healthcare Experience by serving 2 lakh plus-customer for Bharat, Even Two and Three-tier cities by providing quick, efficient, affordable and trusted healthcare & Wellness to the people of Bharat by leveraging the existing network of pharmacies, Wellness, Emergency Health Startups & Online Counselling through our,” concluded Satyanarayana.

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