Migrants To Be Benefited By One Nation One Ration Card: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Mumbai: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the second tranche of the 20 Lakh crore stimulus package on Thursday. Tranche was focused on small vendors, farmers and migrant workers.

As the migrant families are not able to access to Public Distribution scheme at Fair price shops in other states, FM announced a One Nation One Ration Card scheme.

This scheme enables a migrant beneficiary to access PDS from any fair price shop in the country. For this Intra-State portability has been introduced in 20 states.

Sitharaman said that 67 crore beneficiaries in 23 states covering 83% of the PDS population will be covered by national portability by August 2020.

FM also introduced a special credit facility worth Rs 5000 crores to support nearly 50 Lakh street vendors.

As the COVID-19 lockdown is imposed, street vendors are being affected adversely, so with the special credit facility, the street vendors will have an initial working capital of Rs 10000.

Digital payments will be incentivized through monetary rewards and enhanced working capital credit would be made available for good repayment behaviour, said Sitharaman.

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