Minister Of Health Satyender Jain Advice Do’s and Don’ts For Delhi Citizens

Mumbai:  As Delhi is categorizing the ‘severe plus ‘ in the pollution level, there are a lot of problems involving health among the people. The high pollution level causes a great and long term effect on human health.

As physical and psychological wellbeing is affected differently by the kind of air pollution we are exposed to e.g Respiratory diseases, Cardiovascular damage, Fatigue, headaches and anxiety, Irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. It can also give a severe problem for our nervous system.

On this issue, the cabinet minister Satyendra Jain who looks after the Health, Industries, Home, Public Work Department, Power, Urban Development, Transport published the list of the dos and don’ts for the people.

” In the wake of severe pollution in Delhi NCR, health advisory issued by Delhi government. Pl follow it. Take care of the children and the elderly. ”  

He also heartily requested to not go outside in the early morning or late evening, ” he said.


  1. In that list not to remain outside stay indoors or reschedule their activities is very much requested.
  2. The people are also told to consult their doctors if they have any breathing problems, cough, pain in the chest, Dizziness or any irritation in eyes or nose.  
  3. The people who have airway, lung or heart illness should carry their medicines always.
  4. The list also told that to wear masks not the paper on but the certified N95 masks with using instructions.
  5. The people should use clean smokeless fuel gas for cooking and heating purposes. Use public transport instead of carrying their own vehicles as Delhi is rich in the personal use of vehicles.


  1. Not to burn leaves, woods agriculture products or any garbage.
  2. The people are requested to stay away from heavy traffic, construction sites, etc.
  3. Not to go for the morning walks or jogging in the morning or late evening and closed the windows and doors at that time.
  4. Not to smoke cigarettes, biddies or any toxic or Tobacco products.
  5. Avoid using cars, scooters or any private vehicle.

He also told as such persons having an occupation as traffic police, rickshaw pullers,auto-rickshaw drivers, roadside vendor, to take extra precautions.

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