Mobs Of Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol, 4 Dead In Riots

Mumbai: During protests by supporters of President Donald Trump, four people, including a woman, were shot inside a building on Capitol Hill by a police officer who was caught inside the building by supporters of President Donald Trump, President- who swarmed inside the building as the lawmakers were counting Electoral College votes to certify President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris’ election victory.

At a late-night news conference, the Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert J. Conte said 52 people were arrested in the violence, rioting at windows with Trump supporters, rioting rioters, the US flag being lowered and circled Lawmakers were told to grab gas masks as police deployed tear gas inside the Rotunda, the ornate area under the dome that connects the House and the Senate, according to the Washington Post.

The House and Senate and the entire Capitol were placed under lockdown. Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers were removed.

While objecting to Biden’s victory brought by a band of Trump Republican lawmakers, the Senate has voted 93 to 6 against Arizona’s attempt to reject the electoral count, several barriers to certification for the November primary election.

Despite the presence of officers in full riot gear, dozens of Trump supporters were seen violating the curfew ordered by Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Biden won the election by 306-232 in the state-by-state Electoral College and by more than 7 million ballots in the national popular vote, but Trump continues to falsely claim there was widespread fraud and that he was the victor.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Mike Pence restructured the US Congress to ratify the Electoral College victory of President-elect Joe Biden after Trump supporters approved the Capitol building.

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