Modi’s Legacy As CM Of Gujarat Burdens The Country’s Communal History: Mayawati

Mumbai: The recent attack on PM Narendra Modi by BSP chief Mayawati by claiming Modi’s legacy as the Chief Minister of Gujarat is a burden on the communal history of the country as well as having a black spot for itself and BJP.

She said, “The whole country knows that most of the people who have Benami properties and corrupt people are associated with the BJP,” he said, claiming that Modi is just honest on paper as if he is an OBC on paper only.

“PM Modi has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a long time, but his legacy is such that it is not only a black spot on himself but also a burden on the BJP and the communal history of the country,” she further said.

“They made all efforts to defame me, but this proved to be futile because our accounts are clear and the BSP is like an open book,” she added.

She said that the country also knows that BJP’s politics is not in bringing back black money from abroad.

(With PTI Inputs)

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