Mother’s Day Special: Bhakti Rathod’s Mother: An Ideology of Strength and Integrity

Mumbai: As we celebrate Mother’s Day, Bhakti Rathod reflects on the woman who is her guiding light, her source of strength, and her role model – her mother, Neela Ben Soni. Neela Ben’s journey from a writer to a social worker to a political stalwart spans three decades of unwavering integrity and relentless dedication to her principles.

Reflecting on her bond with her mother, Bhakti expressed, “My mother, Neela Soni, is my friend, philosopher and guide in its true sense. She is an achiever and a kind person. She is idolised wherever she goes. She is the closest thing to a real guru I have.”

Neela Ben’s presence in Bhakti’s life is a constant source of strength and inspiration, shaping her into the woman she is today. Talking about the magnificent life of Neela, she began her career as a writer, using her words to inspire change. Her dedication eventually draws her to politics, where she has spent 30 years with an unblemished record, never succumbing to the temptations of corruption. Throughout her political career, Neela Ben Soni has been a beacon of honesty and integrity. 

But perhaps Neela Ben’s most significant contribution is in the field of women’s empowerment. Since her youth, she has been a fierce advocate for women’s rights, believing that true empowerment comes from within. Her efforts make her a respected figure in the fight for gender equality, and her name becomes synonymous with progress and change.

As Mother’s Day dawns, Bhakti Rathod celebrates not just her mother, but also the values and ideals she stands for. Neela Ben Soni’s life is a testament to the power of integrity, the importance of service, and the enduring strength of a mother’s love.

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