MP Govt To Bring Bill Against ‘Love Jihad’ In Next Assembly Session, Says Narottam Mishra

Mumbai: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra said on Tuesday that the state government will bring a bill against ‘Love Jihad’ in the next assembly session, which will carry a sentence of rigorous imprisonment of five years.

“One word is rounding out ‘Love Jihad’. We are preparing to introduce the 2020 Madhya Pradesh Freedom Bill, 2020, in the Legislative Assembly. It includes five years of rigorous imprisonment against those involved in forceful religious conversion and marriage by lure or fraud,” Mishra told reporters here.

“We are also proposing that such offenses be declared a cognizable and non-bailable offense. There will be a provision for religious conversion, null and void to declare marriage by forcefully, fraudulently or by inducing someone,” he said.

The Home Minister further asserted that the religious leader who is converting the person will have to inform District Magistrate one month in advance.

“Under this, the parents/siblings of the person who has been converted must compulsorily file a complaint about action. The religious leader who is converting the person must inform the District Magistrate a month in advance. Will introduce this Bill in the next session,” he said.

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