My Idea Of Music Is That It Should Be Able To Create Nostalgia And Memories: Dino James

Mumbai: “Remind yourself. Nobody is built like you. You design yourself,” if Dino James’s career had to be summed up in one line, this would be apt.

The young Indian rapper’s Sunn and Feel Hain Ki Nahi have been released by Sony Music India much to the excitement of listeners of rap. Both these songs are part of his extended playlist entitled Chemicals.

In a recent interaction with The Prevalent India Dino spoke about how Rap culture has evolved a lot in India and his primary aim to offer listeners.

Share something about the idea behind the EP? The inspiration behind the lyrics of the songs

I keep making songs whenever the right idea hits me and when I composed Chemicals, Sunn and Feel hain ki nahi i felt these three songs had a similar zone in terms of sound. So that’s how I came up with this EP.

How do you see the rap culture evolved in the Indian music scene? How much you credit Bollywood for that?

Rap culture has evolved a lot in India. Especially in lockdown people are listening and discovering more music apart from Bollywood music. A lot of people accepted indin music especially hip-hop music after Gully boy. Apart from this we also have Indian rappers who took the hip-hop culture to another level. So ya films play an important role but ya but there are a lot of people supporting indie music.

You have given some wonderful tracks as an independent artist.. Why you shy away from Bollywood association?

I don’t shy away from Bollywood association, it’s just that I just want to be ME wherever I go. I get lots of offers but if I feel the Dino James factor is missing I don’t do it. If in future I get an opportunity while being me I will definitely do it. 

How do you see the future of music amidst pandemic?

I think nobody is going to stop the music. The pandemic has actually played a very vital role in music. Everyone these days have their own studios and types of equipment, one can create music and everything is online these days. So I think it hasn’t affected indie music in a negative way but Bollywood and I think independent music has grown because people got time, they can focus, sit back and create a lot of content. Ya, I agree shows are pretty less but that’s ok, that’s going to come anyway. I think I took the time that in the pandemic to grow creatively 

Do you think the home concert is the future of the music scene? What are the other significant changes?

The home concert is not the future of the music scene at all. I think it’s just a matter of time, everything going to grow. People are eagerly waiting to attend live shows/concerts so I think everything will get back to normal soon, like I said before it’s just the live scenario which has been affected to some extent but this will get better in a couple of months.

Excited at the release of two of his songs, Dino James says, “My idea of music is that it should be able to create nostalgia and memories. I have grown up on music that compels you to reflect and appreciate life. As I make music now, I primarily aim to offer listeners something that’s relatable and can be heard on the loop. I am glad that Sunn and Feel Hain Ki Nahi are out now and I hope these songs stay with them.”

Sunn is composed, performed and written by Dino James, it features Sanah Moidutty, it has music produced by Bluish Music (Nilesh Patel) and it is mixed and mastered by Shadab Rayeen.

Feel Hain Ki Nahi is performed, written and composed by Dino James, it has music produced by Saurabh Lokhande and it is mix and mastered by Shadab Rayeen. James’s latest music is sure to take listeners down the memory lane and teleport them to the experiences of the past.

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