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Myths And Facts About Diabetes

Mumbai : Diabetes Mellitus  (Madhumeh, In hindi) or most commonly known as “Shakkar ki bimari” is a group of metabolic disorder which is characterized by high blood sugars (hyperglycemia). Diabetes could be because of genetic (family history), environmental factors (infection triggers the destruction of beta cells which produces insulin), lifestyle factor (sedentary lifestyle) and obesity (extra belly fat affects Insulin resistance) Gestational diabetes (Diabetes during pregnancy).

Some common symptoms of Diabetes are increased thirst, increased hunger, fatigue, blurred vision, tingling in feet and hands, sudden weight loss and weight gain. If you experience any of these symptoms get yourself checked for Diabetes. (Normal range is 70-110mg/dl)

Some common myths about Diabetes are listed below-

  1. Diabetes is not a serious disease.

People with Diabetes can lead a normal life style, however if Diabetes is kept uncontrolled for long duration it can cause serious complications (Then it will be a serious  affair).

  1. Diabetes is curable.

NO, Diabetes is not curable as it is a disorder not disease, but it can be kept under controlled with proper  medications, healthy eating and moderate amount of exercise.

  1. You have to lose a lot of weight for your Diabetes to improve.

No, you don’t have to loose  lot of weight, only loosing 7% of the body weight will be beneficial.

  1. People with Diabetes need to follow a strict diet.

People with Diabetes does not require a strict diet, few healthy habits, eating in moderation and proper eating timings will also help.

  1. People with Diabetes cannot have sugar.

    One serving of sugar is allowed in Diabetes,only criteria is to     keep your sugars in control.

  1. Diabetes is contagious?

No, Diabetes isn’t contagious, genetic and lifestyle factor are the cause of diabetes (Especially in Type 2 Diabetes).

7.Is Diabetes caused by eating sugar.

No, a diet high in calories from any source(carbohydrates,fats and proteins) will increase   weight and obesity will increase the risk of Diabetes.

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