Naagin 4 Actress Nia Sharma Opens Up About Weight Issues

Mumbai: Nia Sharma is undoubtedly one of the boldest and sexy actresses the Indian Television has ever had. She is known for her fit body and zero size figure.

Naagin 4 actress Nia Sharma recently opened up about her weight issues and the pressure she faced to look a certain shape. The talented actress who went on to write her name in the Top 50 sexiest women in 2017, has had her share of ups and downs that many are unaware of. Yes, Nia Sharma has fought through several battles to achieve what she has today.


In a recent conversation with Times of India, the Naagin 4 actress proactively spoke about her obsession with body weight, eating disorders, and more. She also advised other people to not fall in the trap and commit the mistake she has already done. When quipped about the pressure actor’s have to face to always look their best.

Nia revealed that people have started seeing her in as an actor who is always fit and in proper shape because from the very beginning she has maintained that image with hard-work and dedication.

However, what people don’t understand that all this leads to physiological changes that result in sudden weight gain weight and she has also suffered the same.

She said that she has also suffered from the fear of putting on weight and getting out of shape. Even if she gained a kilo or more, she would freak out and burst in a fit of anger. She would constantly worry about the extra fat that she has put on and also end up talking about it with her close friends non-stop. Her obsession to look a certain way went up to an extent where she even started starving herself. In fact, fear of putting on also led skip my lunches and dinners and she would only rely on protein shakes. Though she followed a very strict and healthy diet, there were days when she broke it and overindulged in food. But, gorging all junk did not go down well with her, she felt guilty and eventually threw up. She practised this for many years but admitted that it wasn’t the right thing to do. In fact, it was the worst one could do to themselves.


Taking this opportunity, Nia advised every single woman out there to stop doing this to their bodies and themselves. But, also said that working out and performing exercises is extremely important, one should eat right and work out also. She ended by saying that though she suffered from an eating disorder, she is grateful that she is over it.

Nia Sharma will soon be seen playing the lead role in Ekta Kapoor’s much-awaited supernatural thriller Naagin 4.

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