National Press Day: Television Media Should Have Its Own Self-Regulatory Body Says Prakash Javadekar

Mumbai: Union Media Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Monday that television media should have its own self-regulatory body, stating that suggestions have already been made to hold the news channel accountable.

“TV media should have its own self-regulatory body. An agency headed by Justice AK Sikri has been created to regulate news channels, but many of them are not its members. Suggestions have come in to make code of conduct holding news channel accountable,” said Javadekar.

“OTT (above all) platforms have no regulatory bodies nor do they have self-regulation. There is a range of content on these platforms from good to bad. Setting the example of self-responsible freedom to the media fraternity Should take the initiative,” he added.

In a message by the Press Council of India in a webinar on National Press Day, Javadekar today reiterated that freedom of the press is the cornerstone of our democracy, but at the same time stressed that it is responsible freedom.

“Freedom of the press is the soul of the public system. Freedom of the press is of great importance. Currently, freedom of the press is being discussed again in the country … Even I tweeted that the way the press Freedom is under attack. It is not good,” Javadekar said.

He further said, “What is the matter of TRP? Advertisers need a guide when and where they should advertise to gain more traction. We never voluntarily interfered in this, but now we Have to intervene and we have to. Appointed a committee to eliminate the possibility of manipulation.”

Javadekar said that the press council includes representatives of journalists, photographers and others, but people are demanding more power to the press council.

The people of the press must accept and implement the challenge of reforming the system in a better way to establish themselves as a model of responsible freedom in the country, as the government does not want to hinder any freedom, the Union Minister stated.

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