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National Task Force, JMG Will Decide Whether To Continue Plasma Therapy For COVID Treatment In India: ICMR

Mumbai: Professor (Dr.) Balram Bhargava, DG of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Tuesday said that the National Task Force on COVID-19 and the Joint Monitoring Group (JMG) of the Ministry of Health will decide whether to continue plasma therapy in the treatment of coronavirus-infected patients in India.

Dr. Bhargava noted in the context of ICMR findings that convulsant plasma (CP) therapy was not detected in reducing deaths due to coronavirus in India.

“Plasma therapy has been used in some form or the other for various virus infections for over 100 years. It was used in Ebola and now COVID-19 is being used. Helping with coronavirus treatment Whether or not it is being studied. ” There is still peer review going on, ”he said during a press conference here.

“Once the peer review is done and we are fully published, this data will again be considered by the Joint Task Force and the Joint Monitoring Group of the Ministry of Health, then a decision will be made if we should continue it,” he said. 

Currently, congestive plasma is used for patients with the moderate disease who are not improving despite the use of steroids (the need for oxygen is increasing progressively).

Dr. Bhargava said, “India has contributed internationally by randomized trials on 464 patients in 39 hospitals in 25 districts across 14 states and union territories. The tests have shown that it can reduce critical illness or reduce mortality.”

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