Necessary Steps Will Be Taken To Make The Country Self-Reliant In Defense Infrastructure: Rajnath Singh

Mumbai: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said here on Monday that the time has come for India to make indigenous weapons so that the country can be made Self-Reliant.

The minister while addressing a program to mark ‘Atma Nirbhaya Sapta’ said that in the future, necessary steps will be taken to make the country self-reliant in defense infrastructure, investment infrastructure, arms manufacturing.

“Today’s event focuses on facilities for modernization, upgrading, and new infrastructure that will help in building our indigenous capacity,” Singh said.

Pointing to Sunday’s announcement that the government has come with 101 items which will not be purchased from outside, he said, “It is a pleasure to announce that for the first time we have brought a list of 101 items, which we will not take imports, we call this list a negative list. “

The minister further said, “In the coming days we will add more items so that we can save crores of rupees imports. Our defense undertakings and ordnance factories are working in this direction. These industries are the backbone of our forces.”

“If we are able to manufacture things within India ourselves, we will be able to save a large portion of the country’s capital. With the help of that capital, around 7,000 MSMEs associated with the defense industry can be encouraged,” he said.

The minister said that while self-reliance does not mean it will be cut off from the rest of the world, it is equally important for any country to be self-reliant.

Rajnath said, “While our country is going hand-in-hand with the rest of the world, it has the potential to create a special place for itself.”

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