Never Raised Any Slogan Against India, Want To Bring Gandhi’s Back, Says Farooq Abdullah

Talking on the Nagaland firing he asked why was Punjab given 50 km radius to the BSF, and the same fight will happen here as we saw in Nagaland

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Mumbai: National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday targeted the central government and said that we have never raised any slogan against India, and despite this, we were called Pakistani in Jammu.

“We never raised any slogan against India. We were called Pakistanis… I was called even Khalistani… We follow the path of (Mahatma) Gandhi & want to bring Gandhi’s India back,” said Abdullah in Jammu.

He further claimed that he never discriminated among any religion and said, “We merged with India of Gandhi, not of Godse… We never discriminated among Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs… Had I taken birth in Nehru family, I would have been a Brahmin today & Indira Gandhi a Muslim, if she was born in my father’s home.”

Accusing the government of being arbitrary, Abdullah said, “They feel they have such a majority, they can do anything,”

Talking about the Nagaland firing he asked why was Punjab given a 50 km radius to the BSF, and the same fight will happen here as we saw in Nagaland.

Abdullah said, “Punjab will become the next Nagaland to conduct searches, arrest suspects and give strength to BSF within 50 km of Indian territory.”

As many as 14 civilians were killed over the weekend in the Mon district of Nagaland in a botched counter-insurgency operation by the Indian Army and the violence thereafter.

In October, the central government had increased the jurisdiction of the BSF up to 50 km without the permission of the Center and the state in Punjab, West Bengal and Assam.

Hoping to see cricket in Olympics soon, Bravo said that T10 perhaps might be the format that can help cricket become an Olympic sport.

He said, “That is every cricketer’s dream to see the sport in the Olympics 110 might be the way to go there, no one knows but everyone is hoping for it. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, cricket will become an Olympic sport.”

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