New-Delhi Based, Hunch Ventures Partners with Earth First Food Ventures (EFFV) to Build India’s First Net-Zero Food Tech Innovation Project

Hunch Ventures, a New Delhi-based Investment fund, announced a global partnership with Earth First Food Ventures (EFFV) to build Indias first Net-Zero Food Tech Innovation project. Catalysed by the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet (GASP), this Net-Zero Food Tech Innovation project will be the first-of-its-kind in India focused on Smart Proteins and innovative technologies in food production for lower carbon emissions, cleaner and healthier production of protein with lower GHG emissions. The goal is to move toward a Net-Zero society over the coming decades. The partners envisage strong growth for the enterprise as well as for the country as a whole.

Karanpal Singh, Founder, Hunch Ventures announces Indias first Net-Zero Food Tech Innovation Project

The proposed states and localities are now being defined for the first site. With capacity to meet future demand over the next decade, the Net-Zero Food Technology Innovation Project will encompass plant-based assets, precision and biomass fermentation production and eventually cultivated (i.e., Cel-Ag) technologies, to strengthen local food supply chains and address the need to alleviate hunger and the burgeoning (and international) markets. Over time, there will be multiple Net-Zero Food Technology Innovation projects that will also serve as a social enterprise for the increase in quality of life for everyone from producers to consumers in the ecosystem.

Brian Ruszczyk, Co-founder and CEO of EFFV says, “We are excited about this triangled global alliance with our partners which is testament a to the New Agrarian Revolution we are witnessing as we move to scale Smart Proteins and innovative Food Technologies worldwide for a Net-Zero society. The strategic importance of Asia and India for producing healthy, cleaner protein cannot be underestimated.”

Karanpal Singh, Founder, Hunch Venture, further commented, “We find food security as a growing and relevant problem to address in the world. At Hunch we want to partner with the best food innovators, to bring smart technology in food production, storage, processing and distribution to the Indian subcontinent. This partnership combines our decades-long experience in infrastructure and logistics, with the global expertise of GASP and EFFV.”

At the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet (GASP), we believe meaningful solutions stem from innovative partnerships. The collaboration between Earth First Food Ventures (EFFV) and Hunch Ventures, aimed at accelerating the development of local, low-carbon, smart proteins and innovative food production technologies, will enable not only a diverse group of stakeholders across the food technology spectrum but also support Indias ambitious net-zero goals,” said Satya S Tripathi, Secretary General, GASP.

About Hunch Ventures

Hunch Ventures is the Family Office of Karan Pal Singh, a steel and mining industrialist who has been investing in multi-stage companies since 2012. As these investments evolved into larger businesses, Hunch evolved into an organised Venture fund and has now taken several large bets across multiple sectors. Hunch has been backing visionary founders in various industries from Air Mobility, Fine Arts, Sustainable Food Supply Chains & Food Security, Ports & Logistics, Healthtech, F&B, Lifestyle Media, and several B2B SaaS platforms. It has investments in India, Canada, the US, Tanzania, Singapore, UAE and the United Kingdom and has now pivoted to environmentally cconscious and sustainable businesses. Hunch is one of the largest independent aggregators of food-related infrastructure and technologies and has built the platform for global food technology companies to come to India and establish a local presence.

About Earth First Food Ventures (EFFV)

(EFFV) is an Emerging Manager focused solely on channelling climate capital towards scaling the Smart Protein sector for a cleaner, healthier end product, produced locally for local consumption, with a significantly lower carbon footprint and lower GHG emissions than traditional animal protein production. Innovative technologies today such as Biomass Fermentation, Precision Fermentation, Cultivated Technologies, and Plant-Based assets are all tipping the scale towards more sustainable protein production and the acceleration of a New Agrarian Revolution.

About Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet (GASP)

The Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet (GASP) is a catalyst for building virtuous partnerships of governments, international organizations, entrepreneurs, earth champions and global investors to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. It convenes top corporates, venture capitalists, investors, bankers, senior government officials and representatives from academia, think tanks and the media to facilitate real and tangible input to policymakers and provide momentum to climate change adaptation initiatives, especially the most immediate, available and powerful solutions. The networks of the supporting partners bring together actors from all regions and sectors to offer expertise, resources, innovation and commitment towards a shift to more sustainable modes of production and consumption.

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