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New Delhi In Touch With China To Seek Early Resumption Of Travel By Indians

Mumbai: India on Thursday said it has asked China to issue visas and allow Indian nationals to travel to the neighbouring country, adding that the facility of two-way travel should be provided, keeping in view that the Chinese nationals are able to travel to India.

The Ministry of External Affairs said that it is in touch with the Chinese side to resume travel by Indian nationals to China at the earliest, especially those who work and study there.

On Thursday it stressed essential two-way travel between China and India, noting that Chinese nationals are able to travel into the country, while Indians cannot enter China since November last year.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi, in his weekly press briefing, said: “While we recognize the need to ensure safety and strictly adhere to COVID-19 protocols, essential two-way travel must be facilitated, especially keeping in view that the Chinese nationals are able to travel in India.”

“Currently, Chinese people, including Chinese nationals, are able to travel to India despite the lack of direct air connectivity. However, travel to China for Indians has not been possible since last November as China has suspended existing visas,” he said.

In March this year, the Chinese embassy issued a notification regarding the facility of visas for those taking Chinese-made vaccines,” said a foreign ministry spokesperson.

“It is understood that many Indian nationals have applied for Chinese visas after getting vaccinated in this way, but they have not been issued visas yet,” Bagchi said.

He added that “since these Indian nationals have apparently met the requirements laid down by the Chinese embassy, we would hope that it will be able to issue visas soon to them.”

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