Night Curfew Imposed In Delhi On Dec 31 And Jan 1, New Year Events Not Allowed

 Mumbai: Before the New Year celebrations and to scare new health due to a new coronovirus virus, curfew in Delhi has been imposed from 11 am to 1 January on 31 December.

For January 2, the night curfew will begin at 11 pm on January 1 and continue till 6 am on January 2.

“Not more than five persons to assemble in a public place, no New Year Celebration events, from 11 pm of 31st Dec to 6 am of 1st Jan and 11 pm of 1 Jan to 6 am of 2nd Jan,” the Delhi Disaster Management Authority said in an order.

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“A detailed assessment of the situation has been done in Delhi and after looking at the threat posed by the mutant UK strain of COVID-19 virus and observing the local incidence of COVID-19 epidemic in Delhi, it is assembled: Sabha, The congregation, and the New Year’s public celebrations, are at great risk of the spread of the virus and could be a blow to the commendable gains made in the suppression of a series of broadcasts of COVID-19 cases in Delhi, “the order stated.  

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