“No Competition With Indecent Person”, Raj Babbar Smash Back At Guddu Pandit

Mumbai: Congress leader Raj Babbar took a jibe against his Fatehpur Sikri BSP opponent Sikri Guddu Pandit and stated that there is no competition with a person who has “no decency” while speaking.

Babbar’s comment came after when Pandit condemns saying to “thrash” Congress if their supporters tried to spread false information.

While speaking to ANI, news agency, Babbar said, “There is no competition with a person who shows no decency while speaking and uses bad language. I don’t want to give any message to Guddu Pandit”.

“His parents would have provided him with some decency advice. If his parents couldn’t reach him then whats is Babbar’s status to tell him anything?”, Raj Babbar added.

Pandit in a video of an election rally has said to Babbar’s supporters as “dogs”, and said to “thrash” Congress if they tried to spread false information among people.

On Monday, at a rally in Fatehpur Sikri, Pandit has said, “ Listen to Babbar’s dogs, If lies are spread to the people, I will beat you and your leaders with shoes. Wherever I find you, I will beat you and your middle man, I swear on Ganga”.

Uttar Pradesh will go for voting in all the 7 phases and is been started from April 11 and will continue till 19th May.

Results will be declared on May 23.

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