No Mandatory COVID-19 Test For Travellers Who Test Negative 72 Hours Prior To Arrival: Assam govt

Mumbai: Any person who has undergone RT-PCR testing for novel coronavirus within a period of 72 hours before arrival in Assam and the result is negative is not required to undergo the imperative COVID-19 test or quarantine. A minor modification of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) by the Government of Assam.

A negative test result obtained through the RT-PCR COVID-19 test obtained within three days is valid for a person traveling out of state via train/flight.

In addition, the state government has stated that anyone who travels outside Assam and returns to the state within 24 hours of departure does not have to undergo mandatory COVID-19 test or quarantine.

The revised SOPs were issued by the Health and Family Welfare Department of Assam on 30 October.

Children under 10 who reach here are also exempted from mandatory testing for the virus, subject to the condition that the child is asymptomatic. However, parents/guardians may test their ward for pathogens on a voluntary basis. SOPs are exempted from compulsory COVID-19 tests by foreign dignitaries/diplomats belonging to any embassy or, on an

official visit to India, officials of any national investigative agencies and officials of income tax departments.

The SOPs also exempt foreign dignitary/diplomats belonging to any Embassy or on an official visit to India, officials of any national investigating agencies and Income Tax department on an official visit from mandatory COVID-19 tests.

The state has 11,138 active cases for the virus as of October 31, as per the Government of Assam.

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