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No Plan To Do Away With Waiting Lists From 2024: Railway Ministry

Mumbai: As several news reports claimed that the railways planned to work with the provision of waiting lists from 2024, the ministry on Saturday clarified that it was not doing away with the waiting list. On the contrary, it is taking measures so that no passengers are allotted to the waiting list.

The ministry said that to overcome the lack of availability, efforts were being made to increase the capacity to provide trains on demand, which would “reduce the likelihood of waiting for passengers” but this does not mean that there will be no waiting lists,

The document explained that the provision of the waitlist is there when the demand for passengers for a given train surpasses the number of berths or seats available in the train. “The provision is not going away. A waitlist is a provision that acts as a buffer to reduce demand and availability fluctuations, ”the government clarified.

The National Rail Scheme is a long-term strategic plan aimed at increasing the infrastructural capacity of the railways.

The scheme is now being circulated among various ministries for their views. Railways plans to finalize the plan by January 2021. The Ministry also stated that for successful implementation of the scheme, it will seek to engage with the private sector, public sector undertakings, state governments and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) / Industries.

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