No Possibility Of Aligning With DMK In Future: Tamil Nadu BJP Chief

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Mumbai: Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai said there is no possibility that the saffron party will align with DMK as there is a stark contrast between their ideologies.

He was answering questions from journalists after reports of new relations between the Prime Minister and Chief Minister MK during the inauguration of the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai on July 28.

“DMK senior leaders still talk about a separate Tamil Nadu. They aired their views on separating with the chief minister on the dais. It is against the DNA of the BJP and the beliefs of the party cadres. Hence, there is no possibility of the BJP striking an alliance with the DMK. I am saying this in my capacity as BJP state president. The national leadership also has the same view regarding the alliance,” said Annamalai.

A day after the PM left for Delhi, Stalin hit out at the Center alleging that the BJP was trying to run parallel governments in states by using governors. He also said that the policies of the BJP government are anti-government.

Annamalai said the BJP was not dependent on any other party to win the elections. Referring to a recent survey, he said that BJP is capable of winning 370 seats on its own in the next Lok Sabha elections.

“We are growing strong on our own (in Tamil Nadu),” he said.

He said that BJP’s alliance is with only those parties which believe in nationalism and follow a nation-first approach.

He said that his party’s alliance (AIADMK) is getting stronger. He distributed the national flag to the public at the party office to encourage people to hoist the tricolour at their homes on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of the country.

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