‘No Third-Party Intervention Required’ Says China Rejecting Trump’s Offer To Mediate

Mumbai: China on Friday rejected US President Trump’s offer to mediate the on-going Indo-China border standoff, saying that there is no requirement of any intervention.

Spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian said that both parties i.e. India and China have the ability to properly resolve problems between the two countries through dialogue and consultation. 

On Wednesday, President Trump had surprisingly offered to ‘mediate or arbitrate’ on the ongoing Indo-China border issues. He said he was ready, willing, and able to ease the issues between both.

Rejecting the border tensions, Zhao said that the current situation in the border area between India and China is generally stable and controllable. India and China have perfect border-related mechanisms and communication channels.

On Wednesday, India had said it was engaged with China to peacefully resolve the border issue.

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