‘Nobody Pointed A Finger’ At Mohammed Bin Salman Over Jamal Khashoggi Murder, US President Donald Trump

Mumbai: US President Donald Trump showed his anger over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But said that he is happy no one pointed fingers at Saudian crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

He praised Salman for coming to the world and bringing a positive revolution in the country, especially in relation to women.

During a press conference on the occasion of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, Donald Trump was asked whether he raised the issue of the murder of Khashoggi with Mohammed bin Salman. He replied that “is very angry” and is sad about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, however, “nobody raised a finger directly” at the Saudi’s crown prince

Trump further said, “It is an honour to be with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, A friend of mine, a man who has done something really in the last five years in Saudi Arabia. And I think especially what you’ve done for women. I am seeing what is happening; it is like a revolution in a positive way. ”

“I want to just thank you on behalf of a lot of people, and I want to congratulate you. You’ve done, really, a spectacular job,” asserted the US President.

Earlier in the day, British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed concern about the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, and during bilateral talks with him at the G20 Summit. She called for openness and transparency in investigations with Mohammad bin Salman.

The United Nations recently said that Khashoggi was a victim of deliberate, pre-planned execution, an extraordinary killing for which the Saudi Arab state is responsible.

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