Not Running Away, Have A Strategy: Fadnavis On His Offer To Resign

Mumbai: Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister, has firmly dismissed rumours about his resignation, stating that he has no plans to step down and is instead focused on a strategic approach for the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections. “I am not going to run away and have not taken any decision out of my emotions, but I have some strategy in my mind,” Fadnavis said during a meeting with BJP MLAs and MLCs at Vasant Smruti in Dadar, Mumbai.

Addressing the reasons behind his initial offer to resign, Fadnavis explained, “I had led the BJP in this Lok Sabha election, so I said I am responsible for this defeat. I had asked to be allowed to leave my post so that I could work at the grassroots for the Vidhan Sabha elections. But the top leadership showed faith in me.” Emphasizing his commitment, he added, “Our inspiration is Chhatrapati Shivaji. I have not taken any emotional decision, I have a strategy in mind.”

Fadnavis’ comments followed a meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday, a day after an NDA meeting where Narendra Modi was reaffirmed as the leader of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), setting the stage for his third consecutive term as Prime Minister. Shah reportedly asked Fadnavis to continue his role in the Maharashtra government and to start preparations for the Assembly elections scheduled for October.

Speaking about his conversation with Shah, Fadnavis said, “I met Amit Shah, who asked me to continue, and I will do that. I am not going to sit quietly for even a minute. We have a strategy. I have already started work.”

On June 5, Fadnavis had offered to resign from his position, accepting responsibility for the BJP’s poor performance in the Lok Sabha elections. Reflecting on the factors that may have contributed to the BJP’s losses, he noted that statements from several party leaders about aiming for 400 Lok Sabha seats to amend the Constitution had negatively impacted the party’s standing. “A narrative was prepared in the Dalit and tribal society. PM Modi worshipped the Constitution before being elected the leader of the NDA,” Fadnavis remarked.

Despite the setbacks, Fadnavis highlighted that the BJP’s vote share remained consistent with 2019 levels, and the party narrowly lost 11 constituencies by less than five percent votes. He also defended Maharashtra’s position in terms of industrial investment, asserting that the state had maintained its top position and that Gujarat and Karnataka had only advanced during Uddhav Thackeray’s tenure as Chief Minister.

Fadnavis’ reaffirmation of his commitment comes as the BJP gears up for the crucial Assembly elections later this year, with the party’s leadership showing continued support and confidence in his role.

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