Nowadays Corona Virus Effect On public

What is coronavirus and hantavirus from were they born?

Now, The whole world is capturing by a coronavirus. Coronavirus is held in Wuhan city in China. The Wuhan city is called meet market in china .in before 3-2 months the coronavirus was born in Wuhan city at china
So, Nowadays coronavirus effect on the public . You know what is the effect on the public of Covid-19 and lockdown to all over India for 21 days. The sellers who were selling vegetable’s groceries, and daily needs they have increased their Rates. and they are telling us if he is not getting groceries. It will increase the rates too.

How people are surviving

In India, there are around 30 Lakh peoples who were labours. how they will survive in this case of lockdown and Covid-19.In India many people having transportation business they having vehicles that on finance when the vehicle will make money he will pay the money to finance company. because of lockdown vehicle is not making money. so, how they pay the money to finance company. It’s very difficult to survive but the peoples have to survive and the Indian government has announced to distributing 500rs pr month to pr ladies. Until Coronavirus is completely gone.

What is coved-19 is the name of coronavirus. India and other countries like America, Italy, China, Japan, etc countries are working for finding the antidote and medicine for the world biggest problem coronavirus.

So how do we avoid the coronavirus

Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses and bacteria with soap, sanitizer and water.

Why? Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses and bacteria that may be on your hands

China control coronavirus

How china control coronavirus?

In, china Wuhan city has controlled the coronavirus. So, how they control coronavirus because coronavirus is born from Wuhan city in China. they have controlled the coronavirus by lockdown in whole china city peoples of china followed the rule’s of lockdown and the Wuhan city was Re-started his metro-trains .and they stop the lockdown of Wuhan city.

Why India has lockdown his whole country?

So, India The prime minister of India has locked down the whole of India because of coronavirus. The Indian government is taking care of the public and the prime minister of India has been lockdown the whole of India. The lockdown will be taken 21 days. So, the government of India have ordered to police anyone who comes out from his home because of not having home .they have to give 1000 rupees fine and 6 month’s jail.

What is Hantavirus?

So, what is Hantavirus? hantavirus is also born from china country. hantavirus is also like coronavirus. The hantavirus is 10 times more powerful from coronavirus. the hantavirus is born from rates And squirrels you know how ? because the Chinese people eat rats and squirrel. that is the main thing the hantavirus was born. But, the safe thing is that in whole India not having any person that affected by hantavirus. No, the world is not about to get hit with a hantavirus pandemic, too.

A man in China has reportedly died from the hantavirus, which is one of a family of viruses spread by rodents that can cause disease in humans. The man from Yunnan Province in southwest China was travelling east by bus to Shandong Province, and the 32 other people on board are also being tested for hantavirus, according to the state-run Global Times newspaper as reported by news on Tuesday. This news has led some on social media to start panicking that another viral pandemic is ready to make the rounds, even as the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and killed 16,767 and counting Twitter, and Google. (About 101,987 people have recovered, as well.)

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Total number of coronavirus cases in India crosses 700

No.of Cases in India Infected: 724 Death: 17 Recovered: 66


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