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Opposition Are Opposing The Freedom Of Farmers, They Want Middle Man To Earn Profit: PM Modi On Protest Over Farm Bills

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on those opposing the farm reform bill, saying they do not want farmers to have the freedom to sell their produce in the open market.

Without naming the Congress, he said that the frustration of the party which has been ruling for four generations was at the root of this opposition politics.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the launch of mega projects in Uttarakhand through video conference.

The opposition has found only one way to do politics and that is by opposing, they said that those who oppose it are in favor of middlemen who add agricultural bills.

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“Farmers can now sell their produce to anyone, anywhere. But when centre is giving farmers their rights, these people (Opposition) are opposing it. They don’t want farmers to sell their produce in the open market, they want middlemen to earn a profit. They’re opposing the freedom of farmers”, he said.

The Prime Minister opposed the major reformist measures by the Center, saying, such forces are making themselves socially irrelevant in the country.

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Modi said that one party opposed Jan Dhan accounts, GST, One Rank One Pension, Rafale, Statue of Unity, 10% reservation for poor for the 26th November celebrations.

Modi said, “The disappointment of a party which has been on the shoulders of others despite being in power for four generations is behind this politics of opposition”.

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PM asserted, “For years, they said that they will implement MSP but they never did. This was done by our govt as per the recommendation of the Swaminathan Commission”.

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