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“Our Motto Is To Stand By Your Hunar And Help You Reach The Heights You Truly Deserve,” Says Harsh Shetty

Mumbai: We all may have come across this line once in a while in our lifetime.

‘What you seek is seeking you’

This statement seems to be true in case of Mr. Harsh Shetty who has recently announced his new venture “HUNAR”

Mr. Harsh Shetty is himself an artist, he is a professional vocalist and a very renowned face in Navi Mumbai.

So let’s get into the insights of HUNAR.

Hunar is an artist collaborative and a brand of talent which is gonna utterly support various artists by providing them an open platform who are seeking their HUNAR.

“We know when you are an artist and are ready to take up the fight against the world and make something against out of it, no matter what it takes, it can cause hardships initially and your art ends up showing you few dark places that might challenge you in every way possible,” Shetty said.

“Our motto is to stand by your Hunar and help you reach the heights you truly deserve,” he added.

Are you fond of singing, rapping or writing poems?

This platform is for you.

Hunar is going to conduct its first open mic event on the 15th of this march at the Freq, Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

For participation and registration click on the link below : 


For more details check their Instagram handle “officialhunar”


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