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Our Strategic Partnership Will Be More Important During COVID19 Pandemic: PM Narendra Modi To Australia

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a conversation with his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison on Thursday focused on the importance of a wider strategic partnership between the two countries, especially during the period of COVID-19.

He also called for a coordinated and collaborative approach to address the economic and social side effects of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister said, “In this period of a global pandemic, our broader strategic partnership role will be more important. The world needs a coordinated and collaborative approach to address the economic and social side effects of this pandemic.”

He said that the Government of India has decided to see this crisis as an opportunity. The Prime Minister said, “In India, a process of comprehensive reforms has been initiated in almost all areas. It will soon see results at the ground level.”

He said that this global epidemic has affected every type of system in the world and the digital interaction between the two leaders is an example of similar effects.

The Prime Minister reported that his Australian counterpart’s visit was canceled twice this year and he was urged to plan a family visit soon. “As a friend, I urge you to plan a family visit to India soon after improving the situation and accepting our hospitality.”

“I believe that this is the right time, the right opportunity to further strengthen the relationship between India and Australia. We have immense possibilities to make our friendship stronger. Our relationship is ‘stability for our region and the world.’ The factor of ‘how to be., How we work together for global good, all these aspects need to be considered, “the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that India is committed to expanding its relations with Australia at a wider and faster pace. This is important not only for our two countries but also for the Indo-Pacific region and the world, Modi stressed that Australia is one of India’s friends. “So the criteria for the pace of development in our relationship should also be ambitious,” he said.

This is the first virtual summit meeting between the two leaders. Morrison was scheduled to visit India earlier this year but his trip was canceled due to bushes in Australia.

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The two Prime Ministers first held a telephone conversation on 6 April 2020, where they discussed the ongoing COVID-19, including facilities and support for citizens stranded in each other’s country.

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