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Pakistan Can’t Handle Bombs, It’s Now Trying To Sell Them: PM Modi

Mumbai: In a jab at Congressman Rahul Gandhi for rehashing the same themes over the last ten years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Saturday that the Congress will no longer be able to function as the “Opposition party” since their membership will drop to less than 50 on June 4.  

During a rally in Phulbani, Odisha, which falls under the Kandhamal Lok Sabha constituency, Prime Minister Modi asserted that the nation has concluded that the NDA would secure 400 seats, while the BJP will smash all previous records and secure the maximum number of seats.

“You keep my word in record, my countrymen,” asserted Modi.

Elections in Kandhamal, Bargarh, Sundargarh, Bolangir, and Aksa are scheduled for May 20. In Odisha, elections are scheduled for May 13, May 25, and June 1.  

On this day, May 11, 26 years ago, former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee conducted a nuclear test at Pokhran. He was praised by PM Modi during his speech, stating that “Indians across the entire world had taken pride in it.” The Congress, he claimed, was inciting fear in the nation by highlighting Pakistan’s nuclear potential. 

“That was the time when India had showcased its strength to the world. The Congress’s mindset on the other hand was to scare the country. They would say ‘Be careful… Pakistan has an atom bomb… these “mare pade log” (people about to die) are trying to kill the mindset of the country. The Congress has always had that mindset,” said Modi.

“Today the condition of Pakistan is such that they can’t even handle the bomb (nuclear)… they are now out to sell it … so that they find someone to buy it… but people know that it’s not of good quality. Hence, it’s not being sold,” said the Prime Minister.

Modi later claimed that the Odisha administration had been outsourced while speaking at a rally in Bargarh.

Who is in charge of Odisha’s BJD government? Are you aware that the government has outsourced everything? There is a super CM (V K Pandian) in this place who is superior to both the CM and the democratically elected government. Do you want people who don’t know anything about Odisha to take control of the state? Whose duty is it to preserve Odisha? In an attempt to save Odisha, Modi urged the populace to support a BJP government.

Additionally, Modi charged that Congress was attempting to alter the Constitution in order to benefit (Muslim) voters by stealing the reservation privileges of SC/ST and OBCs.  

PM Modi cited President Droupadi Murmu, a member of the Other Backward Class (OBC), and himself as examples of the BJP government’s dedication to uplifting the disadvantaged and backward segments of society.

“No one has the authority to undermine the Constitution when a son from a backward community serves as Prime Minister and a tribal daughter holds the highest constitutional position. Nobody is able to alter the constitution. The Prime Minister declared, “Modi will not permit anyone to usurp the rights of SC/ST and OBC. I make this promise.”

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