Pakistan Denies Dawood Ibrahim’s Presence In Country

Mumbai: A day after US reported that most wanted gangster ‘Dawood Ibrahim’ was indeed currently in exile in Pakistan and operates from Karachi, Pakistan government rejected the report.

“Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan,” Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal wetold reporters in response to a question during his weekly press conference.

America’s entry came on June 3 during the extradition trial of Britain’s top David collaborator – Jabir Moti. During the trial, the US also listed the illegal operation associated with D-Company and its terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

Dawood Ibrahim, who is currently an Indian Muslim exiled to Pakistan, Dawood and his brother and top lieutenant, Anees Ibrahim, have fled from India since 1993 when D-Company was implicated in coordinated bomb blasts in Mumbai which killed, more than 200 people,” said John Hardy, from the American government in the American Court.

America is trying to extradite Moti in money laundering, extortion and illegal substances like import of heroin. According to the US, Moti is a top lieutenant in D-Company and reports directly to Dawood.

The Scotland Yard officials arrested him in August 2018 after a comprehensive CBI investigation from a London hotel in connection with the American jury’s indictment.

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