Pakistan Fails to Comply With It’s Action Plan, FATF Apprise For Black-List

Mumbai: Pakistan after failing its high point announcement towards confronting terrorism before its Prime Minister election in the month of June 2018, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has declined to remove Pakistan from its ‘Grey list’. FATF is an inter-government body who aim to develop countries at International level in terms of Money and abolish Terrorism.

According to the statement of FATF, Pakistan will have to rapidly complete all his action plan till May 2019 which it has promised to complete it. The country should have a strong look towards its illegal movement of currency and clarify couriers of cash.

FATF mention that Pakistan should perpetuate its inter-relation within its States so that to conflict with Terrorism.
Also, Pakistan has not controlled its terror activities opposed by people from Taliban like JeM, LeT, JuD. The report says, If Pakistan fails to fulfil its 27 point action plan which will be reviewed in June and October 2019 than the country could be ‘Black-listed’.

“Investigations those are funding for terror should target VIP and designated persons or acting behalf or on direction with it,” FATF added.

According to the statement by FATF in 2012, Pakistan was mentioned as high risk and non-co-operative country which is not committed towards its action plan. Again it followed in 2013, 2014 and 2015 as well. With this result, FATF noted Pakistan on its ‘Grey-list’.

Pakistan has its rivalry with its neighbouring country India since almost a century and it has protested and complained against Pakistan after the massacre in Pulwama which lead death of 40CRPF soldiers on 14th February for which Jaishe-e-Mohammed was its mastermind.

If FATF adds Pakistan in its ‘Black-list’ it would bring bad insinuation for its country. No country will be willing to invest or provide a loan to Pakistan. It can bring a severe crisis to its export and import activities as well. Thus, leading the country to the scarcity of various resources and underdeveloped.

(With ANI Inputs)

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