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Pakistan’s Requests To UNSC To Allow Hafiz Saeed To Get ‘Pocket Money’ Proves That They Support Terrorism: India

Mumbai: Minister Of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar lambasted on Pakistan over their application to UNSC as they had requested to allow Saeed to withdraw money from his bank account for covering basic expenses.

He said, “A country makes an application to the UN Security Council sanctions committee that he should be given pocket money. This is a strange situation.”

Kumar further said that it is strange that on the one hand, Pakistan requests UNCS to allow Saeed to withdraw money from his bank account for basic expenses, but on the other hand, it says that the world does not believe that it is against terrorists taking concrete action.

“How can anyone believe you (Pakistan). This is duplicity. On one hand, you say something and on the other hand you do another,” Kumar said.

Saeed’s financial assets were frozen in December 2008 after being listed under Resolution 1267 of the United Nations Security Council. According to the provisions of the United Nations, all states are required to freeze the funds and other financial assets or economic resources of designated persons.

However, this proposal allows states to approve the basic expenses of designated individuals if no objection is made to it.

Pakistan has argued before the sanctions committee of the UN Security Council that it had received “an application of a Pakistani citizen”, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed requested that he have access to the frozen money in his bank account for 1.5 lakh Pakistani rupees. Be equalized. So as to cover basic living expenses required for oneself and one’s family.

The letter further states that Saeed’s pension money was inside the account, as he worked at the University of Engineering and Technology as a professor for 25 years.

Saeed will now be able to access 70,000 Pakistani rupees for food and 25,000 Pakistani rupees for medicine as well as public utilities.

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