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Permission Needed For Protests, Slogans Must Be Shared With Ministry: Taliban

The details of the protests also need to be shared with security agencies 24 hours before they are held

Mumbai: The Taliban on Wednesday said that permission is required from the ministry of justice before any protest is organised in Afghanistan. The group said that purpose, slogans, place, time and all other details of the protest need to be shared with the government.

According to local publication Pazwok News, the Taliban said in their latest decree that any protests would require permission from the Justice Ministry. He said the purpose, slogan, location, timing and all ‘other’ details of the protest needed to be shared with government officials, Pazvok News further reported.

The details of the protests also need to be shared with security agencies 24 hours before they are held.

The development came amid growing protests against the Taliban in the country.

Hundreds of Afghans took to the streets on Tuesday to protest Pakistan’s alleged role in the fall of the elected government in Afghanistan. Slogans were raised against Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

On 7 September, a group of women protested in Balkh province, demanding protection of the achievements of the past 20 years and representation of women in future government in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have been issuing decrees since returning to power in Afghanistan, and some of them are reminiscent of their regressive regime from 20 years ago. Last week, a Taliban spokesman said women should not receive education without the burqa. The group later released a list of guidelines to be followed by educational institutions.

Though the Taliban have tried to project a moderate image in front of the world, such announcements show little regard for the promise. And experts say that the all-male cabinet of hardliners that was announced on Tuesday proves that it is “old Taliban in a new bottle”.

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