Pooja Jhaveri Proves Her Talent, From Assistant Choreographer To Actress, Have A Look At Her Journey Till Now

Mumbai: Pooja Jhaveri who started her career as an assistant choreographer has now proved her talent with back to back hit films.

Pooja came to Mumbai from her hometown Vapi to study graphic design but soon enrolled in dancing. Her first film was Bham Bolenath starring Navdeep and Naveen Chandra which released in February 2015.

Pooja has successfully completed 8 films in a span of 4 years.She has been a part of a lot of Telugu, Kannada & Tamil films.


Meanwhile speaking to The Prevalent India Pooja Jhaveri shared about her journey and upcoming projects let’s have a look: 

How was your journey so far?

My journey so far has been great. It always feels amazing to have each day filled with a little surprise.

With which actor would you like to debut in Bollywood and why?

I have never made plans. I never planned my entry neither in Tollywood nor in Hollywood.

Similarly, I haven’t made plans about the time I want to work in Bollywood and about working with any specific actor for that matter. I have only manifested things and the universe has granted me whatever I have at the moment.

As most of the film is coming up on the OTT platform it seems the audience will soon miss the big screens, your thoughts.

I believe it is a good idea to have releases on OTT in these tough times considering there is no lead on when theatres are operational. Though as an actor one always wishes to have a theatre release to showcase the work they have put efforts in on a big screen.

Can you tell us three well-known facts about yourself?

  1. I think I can say by now the world knows that I have been a choreographer, designer and also a table tennis player.
  2. I am a travel enthusiast.
  3. I follow Jainism on a deeper level, which includes Jain eating habits (which people find shocking since it is hard to keep up with ur Beliefs when working in the entertainment industry), the path of focusing on the inner, soul and having peace with the outer world.

Are you a better actor off-screen or on it?

I am unsure of how good I am on screen since I always feel that there’s a scope of doing better as a self-critic. I am an ordinary person like any other individual off the camera & that is how I balance my life. I believe being an actor has never got to my head and I always wish and hope it seldom does.

How tough it was to learn languages like Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada, as three of them are very difficult. 

I lack fluency in Kannada & I know how to speak basic words in it. Tamil, I have to keep brushing it up every now and then. Having learned Telugu & speaking it fluently feels like an achievement. Being a Gujarati learning all these languages was quite difficult for they have no resemblance to Hindi.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

I always enjoy the little things in life and believe in living every day to the fullest. I am more of an imaginary person and my idea of a perfect day varies from having a fun-filled day at Disneyland to a rainy, monsoon day where I spend the day indoors with my family.

What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it?

I never really made plans to reach this stage at this age or do any of this. I always thrive to gain happiness out of whatever I am doing. Somehow I have always got something or the other out of whatever I have achieved in the form of learning or satisfaction.

How do you see nepotism in the film industry?

Nepotism is a very negative word for me and I have never tried to get deep into it. I love to keep my peace and so I would like to stay out of it. I can only say that each one gets what they deserve & if one is a star kid it was written for them to get things that way. We do not blame a doctor for being one because their parents worked in the same profession. Similarly, I have no qualms for being born to a normal family and struggling my way through. I believe one always gets what they deserve.

What’s the last compliment you’ve received?

I do receive a lot of compliments but even the complements have become virtual in quarantine. The cutest was one that stated I have a pretty set of eyes and that my eye expressions are adored.

What is one message you would give to your fans especially during such a time of pandemic?

I would only say that these are testing times and with so much of negativity prevailing around us it is really important to maintain calm. One must indulge in self-care and self-awareness over being influenced by negativity on social media.

Mental health is a bigger issue than COVID or any other disease at the moment. I just wish for every human on the earth to sleep in peace each night.

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