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Power Crisis In Maharashtra Due To Mismanagement Of MVA Govt: BJP Leader

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Mumbai: BJP leader Girish Mahajan alleged that the power crisis in Maharashtra was caused due to “mismanagement” of the MVA government and the previous Devendra Fadnavis-led government ensured the state did not face load-shedding even for a day.

Speaking to reporters here, Mahajan said the MVA government was harassing people, farmers and industrialists by creating an “artificial power crisis” and then accusing the Center of irregular supply of coal.

Mahajan claimed that not a single power plant has stopped functioning due to a shortage of coal as the Center is ensuring regular supply.

“The power crisis is happening due to poor planning and mismanagement by the state government. When demand is at its peak, maintenance work is going on in 2000 MW power plants, whereas such processes are done during low demand,” he said.

“Power plants are being kept shut deliberately, an artificial power shortage is being created, then electricity is bought at higher rates to earn a commission, cuts. Portray a picture that there is coal shortage and then buy coal from private firms at higher prices and earn cuts,” Mahajan alleged.

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