Prakash Javadekar Slams Rahul Gandhi For Calling Lockdown A Failed Attempt

Mumbai: Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar attacked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for calling lockdown a failed attempt to stem COVID-19 spread.

“When we implemented the lockdown, Congress insisted on it and cried and now that we are resting it they are criticizing it again. Many countries including Germany, Brazil, Spain, Italy, and China witnessed the damage done to them by the spread of this virus,” ANI quoted Javadekar saying. 

Comparing that damage with that witnessed by India, we sustained lesser damage,” Javadekar said.

Earlier today, the Congress leader claimed that the lockout policy of the Center had failed and the desired results expected by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not been achieved.

Even when the whole world is praising us, Congress will not do so. They will do politics, the minister said.

Javadekar accused Gandhi of participating in a negative campaign against the government when Congress should stand with the countrymen.

The Minister also reiterated the relief work and financial assistance extended by the Center to those affected by COVID-19.

“We had 3,000 vehicles that transported 45 lakh, migrant laborers, to their homes. This is a historic act. Our state governments, be it Uttar Pradesh or Karnataka, have made cash transfers to the accounts of the poor. I want to ask which of the Congress-ruled state government did that?” he said.

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On Congress’s demand for cash transfer of Rs 7,500 to the accounts of the poor, Javadekar listed the category of schemes under which the government transfers directly.

“They are demanding a package of Rs 7,500. I want to tell them what we did. We gave food and pulses to 80 crore people under food security, 10 crore migrant laborers without ration cards received 10 kg grains and 2 kg pulses,” Jadavekar said.

“Cash was transferred to women’s accounts. Nearly nine crore farmers received Rs 2,000 cash. Eight crore banks received gas cylinders. Senior citizens and especially the disabled were given Rs 1,000 cash. Others who sold goods on mobile carts will get it. He said that Rs 10,000 in each scheme and we are working on a scheme.

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