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Pregnancy, An Adventurous Experience

Newly married, unexpected pregnancy yet striving to be good in eyes of society by bearing it. Teenage pregnancy, emotionally unstable end up into a highly malnutrition state. What is the biologically correct age to sustain pregnancy? New question to our ears? Yes, it is. Very unusual question heard on this topic.

The right biological age to sustain pregnancy is post 5 years you hitting puberty with menstrual cycle. For example: a girl gets her menses in her teenage life around 13 or few get it when they are 11, 12 and sometimes even at the age of 8, 10.  At the age you get your first menses post that after a period of 5 years one can think that may be their body is biologically capable to sustain pregnancy. Again here I mention that it’s NOT A BIOLOGICALLY FIT AGE UNLESS AND UNTIL ONE’S NUTRITION FROM FOOD IS COMPOSED OF ALL NUTRIENTS.

Why so much importance to pregnancy with age? As age is not just a number but, emotionally, physically, mentally, socially too are the factors which play a major role in sustaining this whole period.

As we age one achieves various levels/stages of development. Hence, it makes it very important to spread this awareness regarding nutrition and fitness during pregnancy.

Neural tube defects are quite common in today’s pediatrics. Why does this occur? What is it? These are the defects caused by poor growth while the foetus was being formed in early stages of pregnancy due to lack folic acid in the diet of the mother. It’s very important to start with folic acid supplementation before 6 months of planning a family. Sounds very weird but it’s a fact that our body needs enough of folic acid to nurture the growth of foetus in the womb. Having folic acid after a month or two of pregnancy makes no use to the body with regards to the development of the child. Vitamin E, iron, calcium are all micronutrients required in adequate quantum for both, the mother and the foetus.

Major macronutrient essential for growth of the baby every trimester is nothing else but protein. Good quality of fat like pure ghee should be preferred in this phase. Complex carbs like fibrous fruits and veggies, whole grains, sprouted pulses and legumes should be taken instead of simple carbs like maida, sugar, low fibre foods etc. When one experiences PICA (cravings for sweet or sour taste) they should limit it to fewer portions to avoid acidity and indigestion.

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To avoid morning sickness have a light breakfast, followed by a mid morning snack like curds with nuts and as per hunger signals have small meals frequently without overeating anything specific. There are also certain myths of hot and cold foods to be avoided during pregnancy. For example eating a papaya is banned for pregnant ladies by their families and society. Only if one whole sack of raw papaya ingested at a go can lead to do. Is anyone going to consume raw papaya if yes, will she have a full sack? Not at all. So, this half knowledge when spread like a fire can lead to loss of such a beautiful vitamin that is vitamin A, which helps in the major role of cell division.

Exercise during pregnancy should be done to increase the pelvic region area by stretches for ease in delivery, progressive healthy weight gain of 8-10 kgs till the end of pregnancy and removes lethargy. Constipation could be common issue due to compression of stomach and intestines due to womb formation, which could be taken care by keeping oneself well hydrated and small frequent meals.

Stay healthy and fit during this phase, its not just for one soul but for two that’s what almighty says.

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