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Prepared To Deal With Any Two-Front Threat Scenario, Says Air Chief VR Chaudhari

The Chief said that no two-finger test was conducted on woman officer, who has raised allegations of rape against a colleague in Coimbatore

Mumbai: On the 89th anniversary of the Indian Air Force (IAF), the IAF Chief VR Chaudhari has assured the citizens that India does not need to be much worried regarding the airfield in Pakistan & PoK, while we are working on indigenous Anti-drone technology.

“With regard to airfields in Pakistan and PoK, we don’t need to be much alarmed as they are small strips capable of taking on a few helicopters. The one towards the Afghan border is probably for rescuing their own people from Afghanistan,” IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari said addressing the media.

Chaudhari added, “We are making efforts to work on indigenous Anti-drone capability for a long time. We are giving benefit to startups to design & develop counter UAS system for Air Force.”

On the intensifying partnership between China & Pakistan, he said that India has nothing to fear about & they are ready for a two-front war.

“There is nothing to fear from this partnership. But the only worry is western technology passing from Pakistan to China,” Chaudhari on China-Pakistan partnership and possibility of a two-front war.

The Chief also said that no two-finger test was conducted on a woman officer, who has raised allegations of rape against a colleague in Coimbatore.

“IAF law is very strict on any such incident. The two-finger test conducted on a woman officer is misreported. No two-finger test was not done. We’re well aware of the rules and all due action would be taken,” IAF Chief  Coimbatore alleged rape case.

The air chief marshal’s statement came days after the 28-year old Air Force officer levelled serious charges against the IAF authorities, including subjecting her to the banned test and also forcing her to withdraw the complaint against the accused Flight Lieutenant, who has now been arrested.

Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari was appointed as the Chief of IAF on October 1.

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