Punjab CM Amarinder Singh Demands Google To Take Down ‘Anti-India App’

Mumbai: Reacting to reports of the launching of a secessionist, anti-India app by Google, the Punjab CM Amarinder Singh asks a direct question to Google that, how can u let this on? On Friday. He also takes up the matter with the IT giant and urged the Centre to direct the company to take it down immediately.

There was an official statement by the DGP Dinkar Gupta who was coordinating with Central Security Agency that, there might be a tackle triggered by the launch of the ‘2020 Sikh Referendum’ app, just a day before Kartarpur Corridor inauguration.

This App was, freely available on Google Play store and said that there was a clear aim of pushing ISI agenda of separating the community surrounded by the anniversary of Guru Nanak dev Ji, CM said.

Claiming IT company’s ” Irresponsible act,” He said, “How and why Google allowed such an app to be uploaded by a known radical extremist group in the first place is questionable.”

He also told Google to remove such apps without wasting any time or if they did not take any action, it might be the support act for terrorism. The chief minister also said the development raised concern over the security threat to Punjab and India as a whole.

Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh is repeatedly cautioning the security agenda after the Kartarpur agreement. The timing of the app was launch as the same of Kartarpur agreement which leads many questions about dividing the Sikh community.

He said the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), under whose “guise the ISI had been pushing Referendum 2020”, was declared an unlawful association by the Centre some months.

While aspiring the ‘darshan’ at the Kartarpur Pakistan should not try to do any actions which would affect the peace of pilgrimage further he said.

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