Put BJP Flags If You Want, But Use The Buses; Priyanka Vadra Slams Yogi Govt

Mumbai: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Wednesday that if UP’s Yogi Adityanath government wants to use BJP stickers on the buses they can do, but let the buses run.

Vadra had arranged for around 1000 buses for the migrants to return back home in several districts of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday.

“At 4 PM it will be 24 hrs since the buses were made available. If you want to use it, do it. Give us permission. If you want to use BJP party flags and stickers on buses then do it. If you want to say that you made those buses available, do it. But let the buses run,” said Vadra in a video message.

Vadra said that Migrant workers are India’s spinal cord, the country runs on their blood and sweat. We’ll have to understand our responsibilities towards time. Its not the time for politics.

While rest of Congress is busy praising the deeds of Priyanka, Congress MLA Aditi Singh from Rae Bareli has attacked her own party leader.

She tweeted, “An the hour of crisis, why this petty politics? A list of 1000 buses was sent, but more than half the buses were fake, 297 were defective, 98 were auto-rickshaws and 68 were without papers. What cruel joke is this?”.

As buses were not provided as said, Yogi government has booked Priyanka Vadra’s secretary for forgery on Tuesday.

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