QFX Markets and its CEO Aim at Creating a Community of Entrepreneurs across the World

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a quick scale-up to a more digitised world and the Indian organised sector has jumped on to the online bandwagon to address the need gap of digitally savvy traders looking for solutions to their daily trading needs. In the past two years, while many forex firms have entered the market millions of users are still looking for a trustworthy broker and platform to trade with. Traders today, especially individual traders, are looking for credibility, trust, quality and convenience for their daily Forex trading. The need for online services which offer livelihood to multitudes of people who have lost the same during the pandemic is the need of the hour. And that need is filled by Mr. Lavish Choudhary, the CEO of QFX Markets, an award-winning and trusted Forex Prime broker that provides multiple trading options in crypto, currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. For Mr. Choudhary the whole point of becoming an entrepreneur and starting the company was to offer the youth a golden opportunity of self-employment and help all others become entrepreneurs in their own right.

Mr. Lavish Choudhary, CEO of QFX Markets

In order to achieve his entrepreneurial dreams, Mr. Choudhary had begun studying trading, share markets and crypto right from the time that he was in school. Over the years, as his knowledge of the online money markets grew so did his confidence, and simultaneously he began active trading in the commodities space. Gradually, he was working on ideas to find an extensive variety of online high-return investment options and solutions for individual investors, which is what he did when he started QFX Markets in 2021.

As per to his dream, the start-up assists individual investors to build their personalised profiles while simultaneously understanding their financial and behavioural journeys. Thus, he educates people about markets and helps them develop real-time intelligence and poise to trade in crypto, stocks, commodities and forex markets. Mr. Choudhary’s mission for the company and his community is to equip and empower individuals with complete working knowledge of global markets, thus enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

Since dabbling in the markets as a school-goer, Mr. Choudhary has built a sterling presence in the global money industry. During these years, he has proved himself to be an outstanding business leader, lateral thinker and innovator, who is always ready to meet problems ‘head on‘. When Mr. Choudhary founded QFX Markets in 2021, he was setting in motion his life-long dream of being a successful entrepreneur by helping investors make the most of their money with an entire array of investment opportunities. In the process, he has also given gainful employment to thousands of Indians.

In his role as a CEO, he is a veritable problem solver and has affected a transformational shift in the way the company’s client base views investment. By presenting them the streamlined, hi-tech processes of the best trading platform MT5 – a powerful, cutting-edge trading platform with advanced features, he has not only introduced increased time efficiencies but also opened people up to a whole new experience of trading across forex markets.

At the same time, with his innovative offering, he has also sought to build a lasting bond with his clients. Hence, the platform is designed to be easy-to-use with superior features such as a trader’s calculator, performance statistics, real-time data on market sentiment, etc. He has ensured it’s suitable for experienced traders as well as investment novices. Thanks to his dedication, the company has recently completed two years, with a 2-lakh investor base and over 1 lakh activations on the platform. At last count, the company had garnered over 20 forex industry awards after having expanded its operations in over 32 countries worldwide. His vision is to see QFX reach the top of its segment and become the worlds numero uno Forex trading company.

Mr. Choudhary has always believed that people should have the option to do more than just their regular job for generating wealth. He has studied the Forex markets intently for long years to understand that with adequate know-how and a little time invested in trading most people can learn how to build a parallel income source. Other than sharing this knowledge with all, he is also focused on team building, market study and prediction, revenue and financial performance. Hence, going forward, he has plans to build and launch an OTT platform for Forex traders, which will make trading on-the-go more convenient than ever before. He is also working on another app that’ll be a social media platform of sorts to connect people with other like-minded souls and help disseminate expert tips and information within a community. What he aims to do with this app is essentially to build a community for his traders and get them to stay connected at all times.

As if that’s not all, Mr. Choudhary is also working on mounting a Hollywood movie with the working title, “The Secret of Crypto and Forex“. If this does not spell out his belief in and enthusiasm for these markets and how they can help every individual have a parallel source of income in their life, nothing else can.

About QFX Markets

QFX Trade Limited is a leading Forex Prime Broker that provides multiple trading options like crypto, currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices among others. The company has been serving its customers for years and operates in more than 32 countries. QFX is an automated trading platform which also provides a copy trading feature, where clients can get additional income by following the accounts of more experienced traders, by investing just one hour a day in analyzing, executing, and monitoring one’s portfolio. It empowers people with the knowledge of global markets and provides its clients with access to the worlds leading financial institutions while delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. Its goal is to deliver an exceptional service experience through innovation and commitment to quality at all levels – from research capability to client care services

For more information, please visit: qfxmarkets.com.

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